Proportion of youth (aged 15-24 years) Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET)

Why they do  NOTHING?!

In Poland we call them the blue birds :)

   or not only...
Who NEET's really are?




What are the possible outcomes of high NEET rate?
Social expenses
Criminal records
Social exclusion

NEET [%]

Story on the WORLD

Do You know? Very high NEET rates are in Yemen (44.7%), India (43.1%) and Honduras (41.9%).[OECD]

(2) Countries with the lowest unemployment among the youth were Cambodia (0.6), Qatar (0.9) and Belarus (1.2), the highest Bosnia and Herzegovina (65.4), Swaziland (53.0), and Oman (52.7).
The highest increase in unemployment of youth over the past 26 years were in Bosnia and Herzegovina (29%), Greece (26%), Portugal (17%).

(3) The accessibility of education system can be described by the literacy rate. In the world almost all the regions have the level of nearly 100% of literacy level, except Africa, Middle East (Afghanistan and Pakistan).


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